Graduation Policies

For Associate or Bachelor Degree

Graduation Requirements
A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is required for graduation from Landmark College.

Graduation from Landmark College with an Associate degree requires students to earn 61 credits. Students must earn 22 credits from the Common Core, which includes introductory courses in English, First Year Studies, Humanities, Social Science, Mathematics, and Natural or Physical Science. Students must earn an additional 39 credits through a combination of degree requirements and electives to achieve the 61 credits that are necessary for graduation. For requirement details, see the degree program requirements, found in the College Bulletin.

Graduation from Landmark College with a Bachelor’s degree requires a student to earn 121 credits to earn their degree. Students must earn 37 Core Requirements at the 1000-2000 level, which includes introductory courses in English, First Year Studies, Humanities, Social Science, Mathematics, Natural or Physical Science, and World Languages, 24 General Education Core Requirements at the 3000-4000 level, 48 B.A. Elective Credits and 12 Major Requirement Credits. Graduation Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies are found in the College Bulletin.

Graduation Walking Policy
Students who are within two (2) 3-credit general education electives of completing their degree may walk in the commencement ceremony.

Any student can file a written appeal to the President at least one month in advance of a commencement ceremony, if the student feels that their circumstances might warrant additional policy flexibility.

Credits and Graduation
No student is ever graduated in the database or issued an actual diploma until all credits and requirements are complete.

Landmark College has thee official graduation dates per year (December, May, and August) even though students may complete their last credits and requirements in January or at any earlier point in the summer sessions; those finishing at these times officially graduate on the upcoming graduation date and not the one prior to finishing (or when they may have walked).

Walking at graduation is not a guarantee of earning a degree. For those students who walk at graduation prior to meeting ALL graduation requirements, no academic honors will be conferred until after the student meets ALL academic requirements.

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Karen Damian

Bryana Worthy
Assistant Registrar

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