Grading System

It is the policy of Landmark College that the following shall constitute its Grading System:

Grade Points Definition (credit courses only)

A     4.0    Excellent—distinguished achievement in all phases of the course
A-    3.7
B+   3.3    Very good—high level of achievement in some phases of the course
B     3.0
B-    2.7
C+   2.3    Fair—basic understanding of subject has been demonstrated
C     2.0
C-    1.7
D+   1.3    Poor—minimal performance
D     1.0
D-    0.7
F      0.0    Failure

PA   0.0    Pass. (Non-credit courses in the Skills Development Summer Session are graded Pass or Fail. This grade may be issued in other circumstances at the discretion of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.)

Other Marks

AU: Audited a course

Extension: issued by instructor with prior approval of the Academic Dean to indicate that the student is continuing to work on course requirements for an extra semester without penalty in final grade.

IP: In Progress—issued by an instructor of EN0911, EN1011, EN1015, FY1001, FY1011, MA0291, MA0392, or MA1501 when a student has earned a grade or D+ or below.

W: Withdrawn from course (student’s progress not specified at time of withdrawal. A WF is included in the student's GPA in the same way that an F is included.)

WP: Withdrawn from course (passing)

WF: Withdrawn from course (failing)

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Assistant Registrar

Karen Damian

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