Letter-graded, credit-bearing courses in which the student earns a grade of C- or lower may be retaken once for forgiveness.

Courses to be forgiven must be taken at Landmark.  As per our transfer credit policy, we do not transfer grades from other colleges.

Credits will be earned only once for courses which are repeated and forgiven.

Upon completion of the second attempt in the course, the higher of the two grades for the course will be recorded and factored into the student’s GPA.  The original attempt (course title, code and grade) will remain on the student’s transcript, the grade forgiven in brackets.

Upon a successful repeat, original notations of the student’s academic status based on the earlier GPA calculation (academic warning or academic probation) will not be changed and will remain on the student’s transcript.

A student who earns a grade of IP, W, or WP in a course, and takes the course again is not considered to be using the forgiveness policy.  If the student earns a C- or lower in a course on the second attempt for which he or she has had an IP, W or WP on the first attempt, the student can take the course a third time using the forgiveness policy.  A record of all three attempts will appear on the transcript, however, the highest grade earned in the class is the grade which will be used to figure the student’s GPA.

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Karen Damian

Bryana Worthy
Assistant Registrar

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