Auditing Courses

It is the policy of Landmark College to permit students to audit courses offered at the College.

  • Priority for enrollment is given to those students who are not auditing the course.
  • A student may elect to change a course he or she is auditing to regular enrollment during the add period of the semester only.
  • A student may elect to change a course in which he or she is enrolled to an audit during the drop period of the semester only.
  • To select or deselect the Audit Option, an Audit form must be completed and approved by the student’s advisor, the course instructor, and the appropriate department chair.

A record of the audit appears on the student’s transcript, but no credit can be earned for the course, and no letter grade can be earned or factored into the student’s GPA.

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Karen Damian

Bryana Worthy
Assistant Registrar


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