Registrar Policies

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Access to Records

In accordance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, it is the policy of Landmark College to provide students with the right to limit the dissemination of their educational records, and to inspect and review such records to ensure their accuracy. Except as allowed under the act, Landmark College will not release personally identifiable educational records of students to any individual, agency, or organization without prior written consent of the student.

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Adding and Dropping Courses

It is the policy of Landmark College to permit students to drop courses without record prior to the end of the fourth instructional week of the semester.

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Auditing Courses

It is the policy of Landmark College to permit students to audit courses offered at the College.

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Grade Point Average

A student's grade point average is calculated based on two values.

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Students can choose from a variety of academic concentrations as an option in the Landmark College curriculum and submit a Declaration of Concentration form to the Registrar's Office.

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Declaration of Degree Policy

(Approved by the Faculty Senate on 11/13/12, revised to incorporate feedback from President Eden)

All degree seeking students will file a Declaration of Degree.

  • To declare the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, students must earn at least a “C” in three Landmark College classes, each in a different discipline. An overall GPA of 2.0 or higher is also required.
  • To declare the Associate of Arts degree in General or Liberal studies, students must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher and have completed 9 Landmark college credits or 15 transfer credits.

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Degrees with Honors

The designation cum laude (with honors) on the Landmark College diploma is a recognized mark of superior academic accomplishment.

Students who show particular distinction in scholarship at Landmark College will be recognized by graduating with one of three degrees of honors: Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude.

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Expected Completion

It is the policy of Landmark College that students enrolled in non-credit courses are expected to be enrolled in and successfully complete at least three courses each semester.

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If a student requests an extension, the Academic Dean must approve the extension in advance.

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Letter-graded, credit-bearing courses in which the student earns a grade of C- or lower may be retaken once for forgiveness.

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Grading System

It is the policy of Landmark College that the following shall constitute its Grading System:

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Graduation Policies

For Associate or Bachelor Degree

Graduation Requirements
A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is required for graduation from Landmark College.

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In Progress Grade

No credits will be awarded for an IP grade.

For EN0911, EN1011, FY1001, FY1011, MA0291, MA0392, MA1501, the policy of Landmark College is to permit entry of an IP (In Progress) grade by the instructor, when a student has not demonstrated an acceptable level of proficiency in meeting the course outcomes by earning a grade of D+ or below.

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Pass/Low Pass/Fail Policy

It is the policy of Landmark College to permit students to take elective courses on a Pass/Low Pass/Fail basis.  Courses that fulfill core or degree requirements cannot be taken as P/LP/F. 

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Psycho-Educational Evaluations

Landmark College accepts the Association on Higher Education and Disability’s (AHEAD) interpretation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) regarding disability-related information.

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Transfer Credits

Landmark College will accept as many credits as appropriate (up to 80 credits in the Bachelor of Arts degree or 30 credits in the Associate of Arts or Sciences degrees).  All students are required to complete at least 24 out of their final 30 credits at Landmark College. 

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It is the policy of Landmark College that its official transcripts, bearing the College seal and the Registrar’s signature, be released only upon written request of the student or alumnus/alumna.

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