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A transcript contains records of all courses taken, and grades and credit received. Official Landmark College transcripts, bearing the college seal and the Registrar's signature, may be released only upon written request of the student or alumni, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.

Transcripts may be withheld by order of appropriate college officials if any financial or other obligation to Landmark College remains unmet.

Need a Transcript?

It is the policy of Landmark College that its official transcripts, bearing the College seal and the Registrar's signature, may be released only upon written request of the student or alumnus / alumna. Emailed and phone requests are not acceptable. Faxed requests are only accepted when accompanied by credit card payment information. Only a current student or former student may request his or her transcript. The student's signature is required. Parents may not request their child's transcripts.

Official transcripts are $7.00. Cash, checks, money orders, and Visa, Discover and MasterCard are acceptable for payment. Payment must be received with the transcript request for it to be processed. Checks should be made payable to Landmark College. There is no charge to request an unofficial transcript.

Transcripts are normally processed within three working days after the receipt of the request. Students who provide am email address will receive a confirmation message.

To Request your Transcript:

Print the Request for Transcript Form [PDF] . Complete it and mail or fax it as instructed. Or, send a letter containing the following information:

  1. Your complete name and the dates you attended Landmark College.
  2. Your signature.
  3. Your current address, telephone number and email address. This is in case we have questions, and so we can confirm the release of your transcript.
  4. The complete name and address of where the transcript needs to be sent. Please make sure the address(es) you are entering are for Transcript submissions. In most cases the general address for the school is not the same for application submissions.
  5. If the official transcript needs to be returned to you rather than being sent to a third party, please indicate this and tell us the purpose of the transcript.
  6. The fee of $7.00 applies for each transcript ordered.
  7. Mail this information to:

Landmark College
Registrar's Office
1 River Road South
Putney, VT 05346

 For more information, you can reach the Registrar’s Office at 802.387.6711. Our fax number is 802.387.6400.

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Psycho-Educational Evaluations and Medical Records

Landmark College accepts the Association on Higher Education and Disability’s (AHEAD) interpretation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) regarding disability-related information. Specifically, disability-related information “should be treated as medical information and handled under the same strict rules of confidentiality as is other medical information. This includes the comprehensive documentation from an appropriate source that persons with disabilities are often required to provide to establish the existence of their disability and their need for accommodation or consideration,” (emphasis added).*

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Transfer Credit Policies

Landmark College will accept as many credits as appropriate (up to 80 credits in the Bachelor of Arts degree or 30 credits in the Associate of Arts or Sciences degrees).  All students are required to complete at least 24 out of their final 30 credits at Landmark College. 

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Registrar Policies

Please view our registrar policies

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Questions? Contact us for more info!

Bryana Worthy
Assistant Registrar

Karen Damian


  • Landmark College Student Wins Scholarship

    Posted April 17

    James Stockwell, a student at Landmark College, has been named the 2014 New Century Scholar for the state of Vermont. The New Century Scholars Program is sponsored by The Coca-Cola Foundation, Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, the American Association of Community Colleges, and Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society for two-year colleges.

  • Dr. Manju Banerjee Publishes Study in Learning Disability Quarterly

    Posted February 28

    Dr. Manju Banerjee, vice president and director of the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training (LCIRT), has published a study of how LD documentation is weighed by service providers in postsecondary institutions. Banerjee and coauthors Joseph W. Madaus and Nicholas Gelbar, both from the University of Connecticut, Storrs, explore issues with disability documentation, which ultimately affects which college students will be offered services.

  • Landmark College Professor Lesle Lewis Reflects, Inspires at Spring Convocation

    Posted February 6

    “I have been teaching in the English department for nineteen years, and this is a hard place to teach, but what I love about teaching here is the learning I do. Here, teachers teach students how to learn, and students teach teachers how to teach.”

  • Landmark College Fall 2013 Convocation Welcomes New Students

    Posted September 4

    Inspirational guest speaker and well-respected entrepreneur Steve Walker addresses 250 new students at Landmark College during fall convocation, sharing insights on learning differently.

  • Smoothing the Road Ahead—Transition to College Program Preps High School Grads

    Posted July 2

    Increasing the odds of a successful transition to college takes planning and programs like the Transition to College one held at Landmark College beginning July 19.

  • Landmark College Advisors Deliver Inspiration At International Conference On Student Success

    Posted June 13

    Inspiring Advisors Across the Globe—Ruth Wilmot and Lyn Sperry delivered a presentation to an audience of Advisors and Professional Coaches at International Conference in The Netherlands.

  • Landmark College Ushers in 60 New Graduates

    Posted May 19

    Friends, families and alumni came from across the U.S. as well as Canada, South America and Europe to celebrate with faculty and staff, a turning-point achievement for 60 new Landmark College graduates—earning a college degree.

  • Fall ‘13 Registration Just Got Easier With Priority Registration

    Posted May 18

    Take advantage of Fall ’13 – Priority Registration. It gives you the best opportunity at securing a seat in your first choice of elective courses.

  • In Remembrance of Professor Emeritus Dr. Robert Sargent Fay: A Friend, A Colleague, and A Mentor

    Posted May 15

    It is with great sadness we share the passing of Professor Emeritus Dr. Robert Sargent Fay.

  • The Next Generation of Leaders Celebrated at Landmark College

    Posted May 8

    On May 2, 2013 twenty-five talented, hard-working college students were recognized for their leadership contributions at Landmark College.

  • Is GPS Severing Our Connection to the Natural World?

    Posted April 12

    The 2013 Spring Academic Speaker Series concludes with a presentation on Monday, April 15th, at 7:00 p.m. when Landmark College Professor and nature writer Ned Olmsted explores map reading in a digital world.

  • Landmark College Professor Shares Insights on Increasing Student Motivation

    Posted April 5

    Associate Professor of First-Year Studies at Landmark College, Sophie Lampard Dennis shares insights on ways to increase student motivation and the role she views educators having in the process.

  • Landmark College “Bridge” Program Profiled in Chronicle of Higher Ed

    Posted February 11

    Landmark College’s “Bridge” program, which helps students master skills needed for academic success, develop better study habits, and either get back on track or stay on track for graduation, is featured in this week’s edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education, considered by many to be the No. 1 source of news and information for college and university faculty members and administrators.

  • Looks to Landmark College for Advice on Choosing the Right College

    Posted February 1

    A new article in’s ADD/ADHD guide features an interview with Landmark College Senior Vice President Brent Betit, Ed.D., who describes what college attributes best serve students with ADHD, ASD, and learning disabilities in helping them achieve academic success.

  • Landmark College Students Study Chile’s Ecosystem

    Posted January 18

    PUCON, CHILE — A dozen Landmark College students and two professors are spending January exploring the cultures and ecosystems, not of Putney, VT but of Pucon, Chile, at the entrance to the Trancura Valley in the shadow of the Andes, just fifty miles from the south Pacific Ocean.

  • Landmark College Celebrates December 2012 Graduates

    Posted December 13

    They quoted Dr. Suess and T. E. Lawrence, Caroline Kennedy and Martha Graham. They thanked their families and friends, the faculty and staff, and others. And one by one, as they made their way to the podium to accept their diplomas, the newly minted graduates of Landmark College celebrated the December 15 commencement exercises with smiles, joyful tears, and a sense of accomplishment.

  • January Term: Earn College Credits and Enjoy the VT Outdoors

    Posted November 23

    Activities during J-Term at Landmark College focus on wellness, both within the classroom and during free time. Physical challenges, creative expression, mindfulness, interaction with nature and healthy eating are all part of the balanced living that J-Term offers. In addition, course offerings include Human Resources Management, Intercultural Communication, Beat Literature, American Romanticism, and much more. Interested in J-Term or just have questions? Contact your Academic Advisor, or Assistant Dean, Jill Hinckley at Registration is now open and seating is limited, so sign up today for J-Term at Landmark College.

  • Communications Professor Presents at International Conference

    Posted November 22

    Communication Professor Liza Burns presents “21st Century Literacy Tools for Students with Learning Differences” at international conference.

  • Landmark College Students Rally to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

    Posted November 21

    In the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Landmark College students expressed an immediate interest in participating in service based relief efforts. During their 48 hours in Rockaway, New York, the Landmark College Sandy Relief Team demolished six homes, rebuilt three storage sheds, and donated 17 bags of clothing, four bags of blankets, five pounds of food, three cases of water, and six cases of soda. They saved one woman from being evicted, provided daycare for five children, and fed six families. Most importantly, they gave residents hope and listened to their tear-filled stories.

  • Professor Jen Morris Art Opening

    Posted November 9

    The show is entitled “Enunciate: Photographs from Jen Morris”

  • Three Landmark College Professors Collaborators in Brattleboro Literary Festival

    Posted October 16

    Art Professors Humberto Ramirez and Jen Morris, and English Professor Lesle Lewis work is represented in Brattleboro Literary Festival

  • Students Encouraged to Find Their Passion and Reach Their Goals

    Posted September 7

    Full of conversation and dressed in regalia, faculty and staff awaited the Brattleboro Music Center’s brass quartet’s opening notes, their signal to begin the procession that would welcome new students into their first semester at Landmark College. With traditional academic mace staff in hand, Sr. Vice President Dr. Brent Betit led the procession through the colonnade to their seats under the huge white tent constructed specifically for the Convocation. Greeted by the applause of family, friends, staff and faculty, new students followed ready to accept the new challenges they’d face at the College.

  • Three New Academic Degree Programs Approved including a BA in Liberal Studies

    Posted September 1

    Dr. Peter Eden, President of Landmark College, announced the College has received NEASAC approval to launch a new AS degree program in Computer Science-Gaming and a new BA (4 year degree program) in Liberal Studies beginning Fall 2012.

  • Tips for Educators to Trigger Interest in STEM Learning

    Posted August 15

    Participatory Design is a method which involves users in the design process to ensure products meet user requirements. Research in STEM learning indicates that a key factor in creating an effective STEM curriculum is to provide accessible opportunities to engage students in group problem solving. Such an approach allows for on-the-spot reasoning and discussion, and allows students to test their own understanding (Wieman & Perkins, 2005) through practical hands-on engagement. Landmark College students were given examples of Participatory Design and then had the opportunity to evaluate and design accessible mobile Apps or games using this method. In this paper we review the results.

  • Landmark College Honor Society Earns International and Regional Recognition

    Posted July 28

    Landmark College Honor Society Earns International and Regional Recognition. Congratulations to the student scholar leaders of Beta Alpha Epsilon, who have achieved these honors in competition with students from two year colleges across the region and around the world.

  • Fall 2012 Academic Speaker Series

    Posted July 28

    An engaging lineup for Fall 2012 Academic Speaker Series is announced.

  • Highlights from Spring 2012 Commencement

    Posted June 15

    Each Landmark College graduate is given the opportunity to speak to the audience during commencement, a tradition that dates back to the founding of the College. Many of the speeches are moving because students share their educational experiences, the successes and the struggles, with family, friends and faculty. Here are a few highlights.

  • A Celebration of Academic Success

    Posted May 18

    Academic Awards highlight some of the many achievements of our students during their time at Landmark College.

  • The Independent: Special Coverage of Education & Graduation

    Posted May 11

    For the latest happenings around the Landmark College campus, check out The Independent. The Independent is the College student-run newspaper created by the students in Journalism in the Digital Age courses.

  • Bringing Together Research, Practice & Technology for Students Who Learn Differently

    Posted April 6

    Landmark College is known for working with students with learning disabilities and ADHD, but now they are working to understand more of the complex needs of students with multiple disabilities, particularly students with autism-spectrum disorders. At other institutions where I’ve worked, it was always a challenge to find enough students to do field research; about 3 percent to 9 percent of the population of postsecondary students has a learning disability. It’s different here at Landmark, where all of our 500 students have diagnosed learning disabilities.

  • New Semester Exchange Expands Study Options for Vermont College Student

    Posted February 16

    MONTPELIER, VT – Vermont’s independent colleges and universities annually pump nearly $1.4 billion into the state economy and attract 14,000 out-of-state students who spend their college savings in Vermont, according to a recent study by the Association of Vermont Independent Colleges (AVIC).