Teaching Methods

Guiding Principles

  • Academic policies, course work, and expectations are explicit.
  • Classroom instruction, assignments, and assessment integrate study skills and learning strategies.
  • Faculty provide relevant and meaningful assignments.
  • Objectives and purpose of assignments are clear.
  • Feedback on assignments is prompt.
  • Multiple opportunities exist to demonstrate attainment of course objectives.
  • Orientation continues throughout the first semester.
  • Classroom instruction and advising are scaffolded to optimize effective transition.
  • The Early Intervention Team identifies and supports struggling students.

How do we accomplish this?

At Landmark, we:

  • Help students develop self-understanding by demystifying their own approach to learning and developing proven strategies that address their personal learning differences.
  • Provide students with the support they need in and out of the classroom. We show students how to become successful self-advocates and use supporting resources effectively.
  • Constantly develop innovative and student-centered best practices in learning disability, ADHD and ASD education
  • Introduction to Pedagogy and Learning Differences:  A Bibliography from the Landmark College Library
  • Offer a highly supportive, intensive, team approach to learning. Key to Landmark's success is our 5:1 student-to-faculty ratio.