General Education Goals

What every Landmark College Graduate will learn.

A Landmark College Liberal Arts education fosters respect for diversity in learning, independent creative thinking, and develops concerned, reflective and engaged world citizens. To that end, a Landmark College Graduate will:

  • Sustain an ongoing process of self-reflection, self-awareness and self-advocacy that leads to both self-understanding and the successful management of the skills and strategies of a life-long learner. (Metacognition and Life Long Learning)
  • Think critically, reason soundly, and develop and apply problem solving strategies across the academic disciplines. (Critical Thinking)
  • Recognize when information is needed and have the ability to access, evaluate, and use it effectively and ethically. (Information Literacy, adapted from the ALA.)
  • Use a metacognitive approach to access and use information technology effectively (including educational, assistive, and productivity technologies). (Technological Fluency)
  • Understand the complexities of multiple communities, including educational, cultural and geographic, and respect different perspectives and diversity. (Diversity)
  • Communicate with clarity, coherence and persuasiveness through written, oral and other modes of expression. (Communication)
  • Comprehend and apply the methods of scientific inquiry and engage in quantitative reasoning. (Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning)