Associate Dean


As the Associate Dean of Academics, I work in concert with the Academic Dean to ensure the academic integrity of our degree programs, the effectiveness of instruction, and the efficacy of our support systems. As the primary academic administrator involved with Program review, I facilitate the collection of assessments from our academic departments for our General Education and Degree Program goals, and support the systematic evaluation and revision of our goals and outcomes based on our assessment findings. Our academic model strives to encourage intellectual growth and development while providing a learning environment that meets the needs of our student population.

Providing programs that include elements of experiential learning, adaptive learning, and challenging academic content is our mission. I am excited about the opportunity to develop and manage academic programs for students outside of the Fall and Spring semesters. J-Term, an intensive three-week Winterim with an integrated wellness design, and summer credit programs are just two examples of programming developed to meet the needs of our students.

Working directly with the Academic Dean in all areas of academic curriculum, academic planning and practices, policy development, and relevant strategic planning initiatives allows me to forward the mission of the college and grants me the real privilege of working closely with our talented faculty and students.

Jill Hinckley
Associate Academic Dean