Withdrawing from a Course

To withdraw from a course, the student’s advisor must sign a completed Drop/Add/Withdrawal form. The appropriate department chair must approve the form. A grade of W, WP, or WF must be specified on the form.

  • A student can withdraw from any course, for any reason, prior to the end of week 8 of the semester.
  • The student’s advisor must complete and sign a Drop/Add/Withdrawal form and have the appropriate department chair approve the form. A grade of W, WP, or WF must be specified on the form.
  • The approved form must be submitted to the Registrar. The Registrar confirms the withdrawal via email with the student, advisor, instructor, and chair.
  • "Withdrawing from a course during the first four (4) weeks of a semester is considered dropping a course, and no record of the course appears on the student transcript. (See Add/Drop policy)."
  • The grade of W appears on the student’s transcript for withdrawals prior to the end of week 8 in the semester, but does not affect the student’s GPA.
  • After week 8, any student who withdraws from a course must have either a grade of WP (withdraw-passing), or WF (withdraw-failing) specified on the form, depending on the student’s grade in the course at the time of the withdrawal.
  • The grade of WF is the same grade as an F and is factored into the student’s GPA as an F.
  • A student can take a WP or WF until the end of the last day of classes in the semester.
  • A student in an IP (In Progress) -granting class (EN0911, EN1011, EN1015, FY 1001, FY1011, MA0291, MA0392, MA1501) who chooses to withdraw after the 8th week of the semester will receive only a W on his or her transcript
  • If a student has withdrawn from an IP course that student will not be able to receive the IP option the subsequent time he or she takes the course
  • If a student drops the course during the drop period, this is not considered a withdrawal, and the student will maintain the option to take the class as an IP class.
  • Administrative withdrawals (AWs) follow the same schedule as standard withdrawals for assigning grades of W, WP, or WF. AWs should not be issued until the drop period ends.
    • A significant difference between an AW and the standard withdrawal is that the course instructor initiates the AW, while a standard withdrawal is initiated by the student and advisor. An AW appears as a withdrawal on the transcript.
    • Any students enrolled in an IP granting class ( EN0911, EN1011, EN1015, FY 1001, FY1011, MA0291, MA0392, MA1501) will receive a grade of W if administratively withdrawn from the course after week 8.
    • Students Administratively withdrawn from an IP granting class will not be eligible for the In Progress grade on their subsequent enrollment in the class.
  • Administrative withdrawals cannot occur during the last ten days of classes. Refer to the guidelines for administrative withdrawals for more information.
  • The Registrar will supply the exact dates of the withdrawal period at the beginning of each semester.

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