Policy on Academic Engagement

Constructive engagement with the academic curriculum is a fundamental assumption of participation in higher education. For continued enrollment at Landmark College, students are expected to be engaged productively and consistently in the academic program.

Patterns of academic engagement each semester include:

  • Attending classes consistently and regularly to meet course expectations
  • Completing assignments in all courses
  • Maintaining passing grades in a majority of courses
  • Use of campus resources provided by the College to support and enhance academic performance

Students who fail to meet minimum standards of academic engagement will be required to participate in any academic intervention meetings deemed necessary by the college and follow through on any designated action plans/learning contracts.

Students who fail to demonstrate minimum standards of academic engagement, fail to respond to intervention for an extended period (such as the majority of a regular semester), and fail to meet the conditions of their action plans/learning contracts within a reasonable period of time, as determined by the Academic Dean, will be liable for involuntary withdrawal from the College.

Any student involuntarily withdrawn under the Academic Engagement Policy has the right to appeal directly to the President of the College. Students who are involuntarily withdrawn under this policy may be eligible to reapply to the College, depending on the conditions specified in their exit paperwork.

Questions? Contact us for more information:

Jill Hinckley, M.A.T./English
Associate Academic Dean

Dr. Adrienne Major
Academic Dean

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