Administrative Withdrawal

Student absences from classes may occur for a variety of reasons and may have a negative influence on a student’s academic performance.

Data shows that Landmark students who earned all Bs or better over the course of several years averaged less than three absences per course, while students who ended their years on academic probation accumulated an average of eight absences per course.

For this reason, students are expected to attend all classes. Furthermore, any student who accumulates a substantial number of absences from any class, and whose performance is negatively affected by these absences, may be withdrawn from the class at the discretion of the instructor, and in accordance with established guidelines and procedures, which appear in the next section.

Guidelines for Initiating an Administrative Withdrawal
Administrative withdrawals can only begin at the start of the official withdrawal period, usually at Week 5 of the semester.
Before initiating an Administrative Withdrawal, an instructor must:

  • Document the student’s attendance and grades in the ISIS system in a timely manner for the student and the student’s advisor
  • Attempt to meet with the student and the advisor to provide guidance and support
  • Issue no fewer than three academic warning notices in the ISIS system to document the accumulation of absences and the related academic performance difficulties that could justify an administrative withdrawal. Student will have at least 2 academic days from issuance of the third warning to respond to the instructor.
  • Issue an ISIS comment stating that an administrative withdrawal has been initiated

Instructors can download administrative withdrawal forms.

Once Administrative Withdrawal is initiated:
The department chair must approve administrative withdrawals for them to be processed by the registrar. The department chair also manages the appeal process in coordination with the instructor, the student, and the registrar.

The registrar communicates with the student, the student’s parents, the instructor, the advisor, and the department chair, setting the timeline for finalized withdrawals and the appeal process.

Appealing an Administrative Withdrawal:
Any student administratively withdrawn from a course has the right to make an appeal. The following guidelines govern the appeal process:

_______ Student submits written appeal, to include an action plan that outlines specific steps to re-engage in the course.  Must be submitted within five (5) working days of notification from the registrar of the administrative appeal and submitted to the department chair and the instructor.

_______ Student must attend class during the appeal process.

_______The department chair, in consultation with the instructor, will make the final decision on the appeal based on:

  • Review of the student’s overall participation and performance in the course and the student’s written appeal, which will include an action plan
  • Review of the instructor’s required documentation

_______ Department Chair communicates student status with registrar and instructor during the 5 day appeal period.

_______Registrar communicates with the student, the student’s parents, the instructor, the advisor, and the department chair in the appeal process.

Multiple Administrative Withdrawals
Any student enrolled in only two courses will be reviewed by the Academic Intervention Team unless the student’s initial plan included course load reduction. Students who begin a semester with four or five academic courses, and reduce their course load to two or fewer, will initiate the Academic Intervention Team’s review. This team will present a recommendation to the Academic Dean regarding continued enrollment for the student.

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