Studying in the Caribbean Islands

Course of Study: Game Writing and Interactive Storytelling (CS1311)
January 5-24, 2014

Prerequisites: EN1011 or 1015, First Year Studies (or permission of instructor)


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Academic Director:  Dr. Michelle Bower
Program Director: Ken Gobbo

Primary Goal: to use an intensive, hands-on, sailing experience to inform one's computer game design

  • Split your time between Landmark campus and sailing on a tall ship in the Caribbean
  • Attend on-board classes on maritime culture, 
    superstition & lore, focusing on the 1700's
  • Learn the history of Caribbean islands, Caribbean pirates and indigenous groups such as Caribs, Arawaks & Tainos
  • Connect a "real world" adventure to the virtual world of digital storytelling

Special Considerations

  • All students will learning sailing skills & be part of daily rotations/watches while under sail & at anchor
  • Recreational activities include swimming, snorkeling and hiking
  • Physical fitness is important for on- & off-boat activities
  • Living conditions are tight, so a spirit of cooperation and flexibility is essential
  • It is likely that there will be no connectivity for computers/cell phones for the 8 days in the Caribbean
  • There is NO SMOKING on the boat




Student Handbook


Peg Alden
Director of International Education
Administration Building, Rm 218