Studying in the Caribbean Islands
Game Writing & Interactive Storytelling
Beginning Boating Skills (PE1xxx)
J-Term 2015

Earn 4 Credits

Prerequisites for CS1311: EN1011, FY Studies (or permission of instructor)

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Link here to learn about World Ocean School (the educational organization that we are partnering with in the Caribbean) and The Roseway (the schooner that we will be sailing)

Academic Director:  Dr. Michelle Bower

Program Director: Meg Spicer

Primary Goal: to use an intensive, hands-on sailing experience to inform one's computer game design

  • Split your time between the Landmark College campus and sailing on a tall ship in the Caribbean
  • Attend on-board classes on maritime culture, superstition, and lore, focusing on the 1700's
  • Learn the history of Caribbean islands, Caribbean pirates, and indigenous groups such as Caribs, Arawaks, & Tainos
  • Connect a "real world" adventure to the virtual world of digital storytelling
  • Recreational activities include swimming, snorkeling and hiking

Special Considerations

  • All students will learning sailing skills & be part of daily rotations/watches while under sail and at anchor
  • Program requires the ability to get in/out of small boats & climb ladders
  • Willingness to live in co-ed facilities is important
  • Living conditions are tight and privacy is limited
  • It is likely that there will be no connectivity for computers/cell phones during our days in the Caribbean
  • There is NO SMOKING or alcohol consumption on the boat


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Travel Information (stay tuned)

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Peg Alden
Director of International Education
Administration Building, Rm. 218