Studying in Ghana
Intercultural Communication (CO2051)

Prerequisites for CO2051: 1000-level CO class, EN 1011/1015, F.Y. Studies (or permission of instructor)

+/- July 27-August 16, 2014 

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Program Director:  Debbie Hayward     Academic Director: Geoff Burgess
Why Ghana?   Ghana is called the “Gateway to Africa” and is accessible, peaceful, and safe for Westerners.  Ghana was the first African country to gain independence from Europeans and has a long-standing democratic government and a stable economy. Ghana was the pioneer Peace Corp site in Africa and is also the home of Kofi Annan, the former head of the United Nations. English is the officially designated language of Ghana.  In short, Ghana has been a wonderful site for Landmark's first study abroad program in Africa.

Primary Goal: To explore and strengthen cross-cultural communication effectiveness through observation and participation in the daily lives of the people of Ghana, West Africa.

  • Learn Twi language basics & Ghanaian social customs
  • Renew awareness of Western values and practices
  • Participate in everyday life by using public transportation, eating local cuisine, & participating in a short homestay
  • Engage in cultural activities such as batik dying, Kente weaving, bead making, & drumming/dancing
  • Visit historical & natural sites for insight into cultural heritage, Western influences, & modern development

Special Considerations

  • This is an immersive social experience.  Living quarters are shared & there are many encounters with unfamiliar (friendly) people.
  • Flexibility, patience, willingness to try new things, & tolerance for ambiguity are all critical.
  • Accommodations are simple & rustic by Western standards (ex: internet access & air conditioning can be inconsistent).
  • Respectful attitude towards local social norms is central (ex: hierarchical relations between adults & children, formal interactions between men & women, conservative dress for women).
  • Smoking is frowned upon across the country.
  • Near the equator, Ghana can be hot & humid requiring that students maintain hydration and attend to hygiene (ex: consistently apply sunscreen).
  • Physical fitness, including an ability to walk distances, is required.
  • Some vaccinations are needed for entrance into the country.



Country Handbook

Health & Wellness Information

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Cost for the trip is $6,000* and includes:

  • 3-credit class
  • group flights
  • in-country transportation
  • field trips and housing
  • some group meals
  • price does not include individual spending money
  • limited financial aid is available (contact Erin Craw, Associate Director of Financial Aid)

* Discounts for students enrolled in multiple summer study abroad programs.  Pair this program with studying in the UK.


Peg Alden, Ed.D.
Director of International Education
Administration Building, Rm 218