Studying in Costa Rica
Travel Writing (EN2684)
J-Term 2015

Prerequisites for EN2684: EN1011, F.Y. Studies (or permission of instructor)

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 Academic Director: Mac Gander

Program Director: Susan Frishberg

Primary Goal: to explore the genre of travel writing while exploring the culture, traditions, and natural environment of Costa Rica

  • Experience the music, dance, food, art, and language of three distinct Costa Rican cultures (the “Ticos,” the Afro-Caribbean, and an indigenous community)
  • Learn the genre of travel writing and develop skills to produce a final article to be published in a Landmark College campus magazine
  • Participate in service learning projects and engage in a wide variety of educational and nature-based activities
  • Visit cloud/rain forests, beaches, cities, and jungle
  • Create connections among cross-cultural experiences, academic concepts, and one’s own identity

Special Considerations:

  • Other than the homestay (which may or may not have an English speaker in the family), there should be no real language barriers. However, a 1-credit, pass/fail Survival Spanish class will be offered in late fall.
  • Program requires the ability to walk +/- 2 miles on hilly, unpaved terrain.
  • Part of the program is housed at a univesity campus that is "alcohol-free".



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