Study Abroad

Unique in the field of overseas academic study—experiential education at its best!

hiking, medidating on a mountaintop and riding in a canoe All programs are run by Landmark College faculty and staff, and cater to the needs of our diverse learners.

Broaden your experience--both academically and personally--and earn 3 or 4 credits for each 3-week program.

Apply Now--Priority Application Deadline for January Term  Study Abroad is October 7, 2016.

JTerm 2017 offerings:

  • Costa Rica: Leadership and Small Group Communication (2000- or 3000-level Communication class)
  • Caribbean Islands: Lifestyles for Learning (1000- or 2000-level Education class)

Summer 2017 offerings - stay tuned for details

  • Germany (new Study Abroad (+) model in Berlin):  Cities at War, May 27th-June 17th
  • Ireland: The Irish Experience, June 17th-July 8th
  • Scotland: Environmental Literature, July 8th-July 29th
  • Botswana: Wildlife Conservation, July 30th-August 19th (dates tentative)

Past Study Abroad locations include Botswana, Caribbean Islands, Chile, Costa Rica, The UK, France, Ghana, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Spain, and Turkey. Click on the links to be an armchair traveler through our program blogs.

Landmark College's new "Global Engagement" Scholarship offers a 50% scholarship to a select group of eligible students. Information about eligibility and application process here.


Peg Alden
Director of International Education
Administration Building, Rm 218