First-Year Experience

The First Semester

We are committed to supporting new students through a welcoming community and integrated academic experience. Transitioning students, especially those with LD, ADHD, and ASD, benefit from an intentional approach to education that acknowledges the differing needs of developing learners.

student using class plannerOur coordinated curricular offerings provide an intellectual framework that introduces students to the cognitive, physical, and affective dimensions of learning.

We inform our best practices through current research and practical experiences in order to provide an exceptional collegiate environment.

Because all students at Landmark College experience some type of learning difficulty, we strive to accurately place students based on their skill level and academic abilities.

All incoming students are placed in one of the following Points of Entry:

  • Credit Curriculum
  • Partial-Credit Curriculum
  • Language Intensive Curriculum (LIC)

Guiding Principles

  • Faculty and staff care about connecting with each student.
  • Faculty communicate regularly and directly to students about their progress.
  • Academic policies, course work, and expectations are explicit.
  • Classroom instruction, assignments, and assessment integrate study skills and learning strategies.
  • Faculty provide relevant and meaningful assignments.
  • Objectives and purpose of assignments are clear.
  • Feedback on assignments is prompt.
  • Multiple opportunities exist to demonstrate attainment of course objectives.
  • Transition to college continues throughout the first semester.
  • Classroom instruction and advising are scaffolded to support students with differing learning profiles.
  • Early intervention identifies and supports struggling students.

Integrated Support

Starting with the First-Year Experience, but available throughout students' entire experience at Landmark, Academic Support Services are coordinated to empower students to succeed.

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Christine Arieta
Director of First Year Programming and Placement