The Opportunity

What does the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies have to offer?

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies offers a breadth of courses in the liberal arts with added curricular requirements that allow for depth of study. This degree offers students the flexibility of content interest in the disciplines of English, Communications, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. It offers broad elective choices in other departments, such as Mathematics and Computer Science, Business, Natural Sciences, and World Languages, and it is designed to prepare its graduates to begin work after graduation or to further their studies.

Essential 21st century skills in communication, problem solving, information technology, and critical thinking are incorporated into required courses. Civic inquiry and an emphasis on collaboration with people holding different perspectives are also integrated into coursework. Experiential learning is embedded in overall course design, as well as highlighted in the degree requirements of field study, the interdisciplinary seminar, advanced writing and communication, and the capstone course. Students interested in the B.A. option will have the ability to declare their interest after their first semester of successful completion of coursework.

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Ann McCloskey, M.A.