The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Curriculum

Bachelor of Arts students complete 121 credits from varying disciplines to earn their degree.

The B.A. in Liberal Studies offers a broad-based liberal arts program in the first two years that capitalizes on general education courses, which help students build the foundation for further study in advanced level courses in the liberal arts disciplines. Students are able to select courses around specific interests while engaging with a curriculum that is integrated and experiential and that capitalizes on the notion that true learning can be made tangible.

Professor Alden in the classroom

Students in the Liberal Studies program take courses in a variety of the liberal arts disciplines: English, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Arts, Communications, and World Languages. Additional elective options are offered in Business, Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences, and Physical Education.  Field work, in the form of internship, study abroad, or independent study, is also a core requirement in this B.A. program. Students have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning, focused study, and interdisciplinary courses.

Curriculum Outline

B.A. students complete 121 credits to earn their degree.

  • 37 General Education Core Requirements at the 1000-2000 levels
  • 18 General Education Core Requirements at the 3000-4000 levels
  • 51 B.A. Elective Credits (at least 21 at the 3000-4000 levels)
  • 15 B.A. Major Requirement Credits (all at the 3000-4000 levels)

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