BA News Update

July 2013

Dear Landmark Community,

Our B.A. degree in Liberal Studies has been launched and we currently have a number of students at Landmark who have declared their intentions to pursue this degree.  In order to declare the B.A. degree, a student must be in good academic standing and must have successfully completed a minimum of nine credits at Landmark.

Several of our current B.A. candidates will be enrolled this fall in a 2000 level interdisciplinary course that is specifically designed for students in this program.  Professor Humberto Ramirez, Chair of the Arts Department, will teach this first section of Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar.  A requirement for the B.A. degree, this course will expose students to the methodologies and perspectives encountered in the study of Liberal Arts, which includes fields of study such as English, Communications, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

Several 3000 level courses will be offered in the spring of 2014, with a full slate of 3000 level course offerings up and running in the fall of 2014.  The B.A. curriculum will include alternative study (as internship, study abroad, or independent study), advanced writing, and a capstone course. Any student who has graduated from Landmark and is interested in enrolling in the spring or fall of 2014 as a B.A. candidate should begin the re-enrollment  process here.

This is an exciting time for Landmark College. We look forward to seeing our first cohort of BA students in action.


Ann McCloskeyAnn McCloskey
B.A. Coordinator           


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