B.A. Degree Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

eric matteAny student accepted to Landmark College will be eligible to declare their intention to pursue the  B.A. degree. This is no different from our current policy that accepts students to the College, and then has them work with advisors and others to select studies and programs of interest and best fit in terms of strengths, graduation timeline elements, and competencies.

I'm a Landmark College alum. When can I sign up? 

We will begin offering our full slate of upper-level courses in Fall 2014.  

How do I re-enroll? 

It's easy. Find out how here.

I'm a current Landmark College student. When do I formally declare the B.A. degree?

Before the registration period of your second semester (about midway into the semester), you will have a formal discussion with your advisor. If, at this point, you are in good academic standing (GPA of at least 2.0), and if you have accumulated at least nine Landmark College credits (with grades of C or better), you will be encouraged to meet with the B.A. program coordinator or others in Academic Affairs in order to declare.

What does it mean to declare a B.A. degree in Liberal Studies?

Declaring means that you intend to pursue the B.A. in Liberal Studies degree over the course of your time at Landmark College. Successful declaration means that we believe that you can successfully pursue the B.A. in a reasonable timeframe. It also means that you can focus your registration plans on taking the courses that you will need to complete the B.A. and organizing a plan for when and how to take them during the course of your remaining three years.

What if I don’t have nine successful Landmark College credits midway through my second semester?

Successful completion of nine credits in three disciplines demonstrates your ability to manage the liberal studies curriculum. If you have a rough semester starting out, or if you come up short in credits by the midpoint of your second semester, we will provide assistance toward pursuing the B.A. degree option on a case-by-case basis.

What if I don’t have a 2.0 GPA?

It is important for you to have acceptable grades to be successful in the B.A. program (particularly in the upper-level courses). Of course, we’d love for you to have stellar grades. Still, if you experienced a challenging first semester, but it looks like you’re on course for success, we’ll be happy to review your plans on a case-by-case basis. In general, declaring the B.A. track requires demonstrated progress in credit-bearing courses.

Can I declare the B.A. in Liberal Studies based on credits I earned at another college?

We will assess your transfer credits and apply them, as appropriate, towards your B.A. degree. If you are able to transfer in 33 or more credits from another college, you may declare your intent to pursue the B.A. upon matriculation. Otherwise, you'll be set on a path to declare a degree once you demonstrate satisfactory completion of nine Landmark College course credits. This could occur as soon as the end of your first semester with us.

How should I arrange this meeting with my advisor and the B.A. coordinator?

Speak with your advisor about when to schedule this meeting. The two of you can arrange it based on your schedule and credit accumulation. However, if you forget to do this, or if you are unsure of when to initiate the discussion, your advisor will bring this up at the appropriate time. If you have concerns or questions about the B.A., ask your advisor or anyone in Academic Affairs.

What if I change my mind, or it is determined that I will not progress in the B.A. program?

As the first couple of years of the B.A. in Liberal Studies resemble our A.A. programs, you will be positioned to switch to one of these programs as desired or needed.

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Ann McCloskey, M.A.