B.A Degree Goals

B.A. in Liberal Studies:Program Goals


BA in Liberal Studies: Degree Program Goals and Outcomes

BA LST goals


  1. Draw connections across multiple disciplines to integrate learning (interdisciplinary and liberal arts)
  1. Presents examples, facts, opinions, or theories from more than one discipline to demonstrate interdisciplinary learning.


  1. Use critical thinking to examine multiple perspectives on issues. ( critical thinking)


  1. Engages in research that includes multiple perspectives on a particular issue.
  2. Identifies biases and assumptions inherent in any viewpoint.


  1. Understand the impact of culture on values, assumptions, and worldview.

(intercultural understanding)


  1. Demonstrates an understanding of the impact of culture on values.
  2. Articulates insight on how membership in a particular culture impacts worldview.
  1. Communicate with a sense of audience and purpose. ( advanced writing and communication)
  1. Demonstrates a thorough understanding of rhetorical context when engaged in writing tasks.
  2. Demonstrates effective oral communication skills in a variety of settings.


  1. Apply ethical reasoning to solving problems. ( ethical reasoning)
  1. Recognizes ethical issues when considering problems.
  2. Considers the consequences of possible actions in solving problems.
  1. Engage in community-based activities that demonstrate civic responsibility. (civic engagement)
  1. Works actively within community contexts to achieve a civic aim.