A.S. Degrees Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to declare one of the new science and technology associate degrees in Life Sciences or Computer Science/Gaming?

You would follow the system we have in place at the College: immerse yourself in our required and elective courses, meet with your advisor and department faculty, and as you earn credits you will be positioned to declare one of our associate degrees.

Who is eligible for the A.S. in Life Sciences or the A.S. in Computer Science/Gaming?

Any student accepted to Landmark College will be eligible to declare the A.S. in Life Sciences or the A.S. in Computer Science/Gaming. This is the same as our current policy, which accepts students to the College, and then has them work with advisors to select studies and programs of interest based on best fit in terms of strengths, graduation timeline and competencies.

How soon should I begin to take required classes in the new STEM A.S. programs?

You should begin to take the prescribed curriculum as soon as you are eligible to take credit courses. The new Life Sciences and Computer Science/Gaming A.S. programs have required courses and a more prescriptive curriculum. We encourage you to discuss this interest with your advisor immediately, so that you can also have a conversation with members of the respective academic departments and staff from Academic Affairs.

When should I formally declare?

Before the registration period of your second semester (about midway in to the semester), you should have a formal discussion with your advisor. If, at this point, you are in good academic standing (GPA of at least 2.0), you may work with your advisor in consultation with the chair of the Natural Science department to declare the A.S. in Life Sciences, or in consultation with the chair of the Mathematics/Computer Science department to declare the A.S. in Computer Science/Gaming.

What does it mean to declare an A.S. degree?

Declaring means that you intend to pursue either the A.S. in Life Sciences or the A.S. in Computer Science/Gaming over the course of your time at Landmark College. Successful declaration means that we believe that you can successfully complete the A.S. of your choice in a reasonable time frame. It also means you can focus your registration plans on taking the courses you'll need to complete the A.S., and organizing a plan of when and how to take them during your time at Landmark College.

What if I want to declare an A.S. before I am eligible to take credit classes?

Pursuing an A.S. degree in the STEM areas demands an excellent grounding in college level mathematics, reading and study skills. You must be able to manage a significant reading load with complex vocabulary and memorization demands. As always, Landmark College’s support services will be there to support you, but you must be ready to handle independent student demands. Therefore, while we will be happy to talk with you about pursuing the A.S. on a case-by-case basis, we will continue the conversation about formal declaration when you are eligible to take credit classes and can begin to accumulate credits towards the A.S. degree.

What if I don’t have a 2.0 GPA?

We believe that it is important for you to have acceptable grades to be successful in the A.S. programs. Of course, we’d love you to have very strong grades. Still, if you experienced a challenging first semester, but now look like you’re on track for success, we’ll be happy to review your plans on a case-by-case basis.

What if I want to transfer credits earned from another college toward the A.S. at Landmark College?

As in all cases, you would discuss your needs with your advisor in consultation with the Registrar and the Chair of the A.S. program that interests you.