Associate of Science in Life Sciences

The rigor of the scientific method in the context of Landmark’s adaptive teaching processes.

3 students and professor using microsopeLandmark College is pleased to announce its new academic degree program—the A.S. in Life Sciences. This new, interdisciplinary major launched in Fall 2012.

Hands-on scientific inquiry is one of the most exciting and meaningful ways to learn, and that is particularly true for students with learning differences. The principles of scientific investigation will form the foundation of the Life Sciences program—and as with all other Landmark academic programs, the Life Sciences program will be integrated with the College’s proven program to develop effective learning strategies and assistive technology skills.

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Why Choose a Life Sciences Program at Landmark?

No other college in the country offers the depth of expertise in teaching science to students with learning differences. According to the National Student Clearinghouse, nearly one in five Landmark graduates currently goes on to study a science-related major. That number is expected to grow considerably with the introduction of Landmark’s first science major program.

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Careers in the Life Sciences

In recent years, careers in the life sciences have exploded, thanks to new technological and scientific advancements in such fields as biotechnology and molecular biology. Growth opportunities are particularly strong in:

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The Curriculum

The curriculum for the 61-credit Life Sciences major incorporates the same General Education Core taken by all Landmark students as part of their degree requirements, plus specific classes and labs focusing on the life sciences. A tentative listing of Life Sciences program courses is provided below.

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Abigail Littlefield
Chair, Natural Sciences

Dr. Adrienne Major
Academic Dean