The Curriculum

All business majors must complete the General Education Core, which provides a balanced exposure to the liberal arts, including English, arts and humanities, the sciences, and the social sciences. 

Students seeking an A.A. in Business Studies must earn 61 credits:

General Educational Core (19 Semester Hours)

EN1011: College Writing (3)
EN1021: Exposition and Analysis (3)
FY1011: First Year Experience (3)
Humanities Elective (3)
Social Science Elective (3)
Natural or Physical Science Elective with Lab (4)

Professional Business Component (15 Semester Hours)

BU1011: Introduction to Business (3)
BU1111: Principles of Accounting I (3)
BU2411: Principles of Management (3)
BU2511: Introduction to Marketing (3)
MA1421: Statistics (3)

Business Administration Courses (15 Semester Hours)

BU1112 Principles of Accounting II (3 credits)
EC2112 Microeconomics (3 credits)
EC2113 Macroeconomics (3 credits)
2000-level Business Electives (6 credits)
BU2991 Business Seminar (3 credits)

Business Studies Major (15 Semester Hours)

EC2111: Essential Economics (3)
Business Elective* (3)
Business Elective (3)
Business Elective (3)
BU2991: Business Seminar (3)

General Electives (12 Semester Hours)
General Elective (3)
General Elective* (3)
2000 Level General Elective (3)
2000 Level General Elective (3)

*If Accounting II is used as a business elective, the student must take an additional 2000 level general elective course to meet the requirement to complete nine (9) 2000 level courses.

Recommended Courses

The remaining 12 elective credits can be taken from any department in the College. The following are recommended elective courses:
CO1011: Introduction to Communication
SS1011:  Introduction to Psychology
MA1601: College Algebra
MA2701: Calculus I or MA2621: Business Statistics
MA2721: Calculus I
MA2621: Applied Statitics


Roxanne Hamilton, M.Ed.
Chair, Business Department

Dr. Adrienne Major
Academic Dean