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The fastest growing occupations are predicted to be in the computing field, with increased demands for computer systems engineers and computer programmers. The Computer Science/Gaming degree is a pathway for students to enter these exciting fields and contribute to technological advancement and innovation. Instruction in computer science courses is project-based and highly interactive to encourage student exploration. Throughout the program, students will determine the areas of the software or digital games industry that is a best fit with their strengths, interests, and goals. The Computer Science/Gaming associate degree is designed to help students who learn differently gain access to a wide range of technical four-year programs.

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Why choose a Computer/Science Gaming program at Landmark College?

Students take core courses to build technical, visual, and communication skills necessary to explore, imagine, and create digital games. These courses build on the core liberal arts foundation of Landmark College. The curriculum, modeled after the both the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) framework, encourages student exploration to determine the area of the software or digital games industry that is the best fit with their strengths, interests, and goals. Upon completion of the Associate in Science in Computer Science/Gaming, students will:

  • Demonstrate fundamental game production skills, including animation, 3-D modeling, game design and programming
  • Design, develop, and manage multimedia (script, graphics, sounds, animation, and video) and interactive game projects
  • Apply human/computer interaction theory to product development
  • Demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Incorporate gaming industry business practices in project development

The Computer Science/Gaming Associate Degree prepares students to enter further study in several fields including:

  • Programs in computer science
  • Cyber security
  • Game design or game development
  • Software design
  • Mobile apps development
  • Interactive computing technologies
  • Informatics and computing
  • Geographic information systems

Students graduating from the Landmark College Computer Science/Gaming associate degree program will have the necessary entry-level skills to enter four-year degree programs in other technical areas and careers.

The Curriculum

The computer science curriculum for the Associate of Science in Computer Science/Gaming consists of courses in interactive design and development, computer programming, web design, interactive storytelling, 3-D development, data structures, and algorithms.

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Dr. Michelle L.W. Bower
Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science

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Academic Dean