Associate Degrees

Landmark College’s academic degree programs satisfy requirements for the first two years of study at most four-year colleges and universities.

Today, more than ever, students with language based learning disabilities, ADHD or ASD realize the benefit of completing an associate degree as one way to gain successful academic experience, decide on career interests, and perhaps move toward the completion of a B.A. degree.anita long

Landmark College's academic degree programs in Life Sciences, Computer Science/Gaming, Liberal Studies, and Business Studies satisfy requirements for the first two years of study at most four-year colleges and universities. Through our unique educational program, you'll learn more than just the college coursework needed to graduate. As a Landmark College student, you'll learn the academic strategies you need in order to be successful.

A.A. in Business Studies

Student talking in classroomA business degree from Landmark College will give students the fundamental skills and knowledge they need to compete successfully in today's business world — whether you're planning to immediately enter the workforce or continue your business studies.  The program allows students to develop the skills required for all disciplines of business by completing a professional core, but also provides students the flexibility to explore the various aspects of business including:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Economics
  • Finance

What Can You Do With A Business Degree?

Through our "hands-on" business Programs, students will develop a basic knowledge of business needed for an entry-level administrative support or managerial position.  Our associate degree also provide the groundwork to pursue continued studies at a four-year institution as a business major.

Pursing an associate degree in business studies will help provide students with the skills needed to launch a career in today's competitive business environment or move into a bachelor’s degree program.

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A.A. in Liberal Studies

Students build a broad foundation grounded in liberal arts. Whether working with an indigenous community in Chile, getting their feet wet and hands dirty researching aquatic biology, or mentoring local grade-school children, in this degree, students have the chance to explore different fields of inquiry.

Liberal Arts is our most challenging self-directed associate degree program. Use it to develop academic passions and to explore areas of interest through our sophomore-level curriculum.

Why Choose an A.A. in Liberal Studies?

Build your intellectual foundation for a four-year degree.

The curriculum is designed to open students' realm of understanding and widen their thinking as they interact with the world and its systems. This degree enables students to explore diverse areas of study and better understand their areas of interests and goals. 

Upon completion in the Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies, students will be able to:

  • Sustain an ongoing process of self-reflection, self-awareness and self-advocacy that leads to self-understanding and the successful management of the skills and strategies of a lifelong learner. (Metacognition and Lifelong Learning)
  • Think critically, reason soundly, and develop and apply problem-solving strategies across the academic disciplines. (Critical Thinking) 
  • Recognize when information is needed and have the ability to access, evaluate, and use it effectively and ethically. (Information Literacy, adapted from the ALA.)
  • Use a metacognitive approach to access and use information technology effectively (including educational, assistive, and productivity technologies). (Technological Fluency) 
  • Understand the complexities of multiple communities, including educational, cultural and geographic, and respect different perspectives and diversity. (Diversity)
  • Communicate with clarity, coherence and persuasiveness through written, oral and other modes of expression.  (Communication)
  • Comprehend and apply the methods of scientific inquiry and engage in quantitative reasoning. (Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning)

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A.S. in Computer Science/Gaming

students and teachers in classroom






The fastest growing occupations are predicted to be in the computing field, with increased demands for computer systems engineers and computer programmers. The Computer Science/Gaming degree is a pathway for students to enter these exciting fields and contribute to technological advancement and innovation. Instruction in computer science courses is project-based and highly interactive, to encourage student exploration. Throughout the program, students will determine the areas of the software or digital games industry that is a best fit with their strengths, interests and goals. The Computer Science/Gaming degree is designed to help students who learn differently gain access to a wide range of technical four-year programs.

Apply now to earn your degree in this fast growing field. 

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A.S. in Life Sciences

3 students and professor using microsope

Hands-on scientific inquiry is one of the most exciting and meaningful ways to learn, and that is particularly true for students with learning differences. The principles of scientific investigation will form the foundation of the Life Sciences program—and as with all our other academic programs, the Life Sciences program will be integrated with the College’s proven program to develop effective learning strategies and assistive technology skills.

Apply now to be part of this exciting degree program.

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A.S. Degrees Frequently Asked Questions

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The Common Core

At the heart of all the Landmark College associate degree programs is a 22-credit Common Core.

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