Associate Degrees

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Landmark College's associate degree programs can be used for career preparation or as the foundation for a bachelor's degree.

Students pursuing an associate degree may choose to augment it with an Academic Concentration.

A.A. in Business Studies

Student talking in classroomA business degree from Landmark College will give students the fundamental skills and knowledge to compete successfully in today's business world — whether you're planning to immediately enter the workforce or continue your business studies. The program allows students to develop the skills required for all disciplines of business by completing a professional core, while at the same time providing students with the flexibility to explore various aspects of business including:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Economics
  • Finance

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A.S. in Computer Science

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The fastest growing occupations are predicted to be in the computing field, with increased demands for computer systems engineers and computer programmers. The Associate of Science in Computer Science degree is a pathway for students to enter these exciting fields and contribute to technological advancement and innovation. Instruction in computer science courses is project-based and highly interactive to encourage student exploration. Throughout the program, students will determine the areas of the software or digital games industry that is a best fit with their strengths, interests, and goals; the program is designed to help students who learn differently gain access to a wide range of technical four-year programs.

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A.A. in Liberal Studies

Students build a broad foundation grounded in liberal arts. Whether working with an indigenous community in Chile, getting their feet wet and hands dirty researching aquatic biology, or mentoring local grade-school children, in this degree, students have the chance to explore different fields of inquiry. Use this program of study to develop academic passions and to explore areas of interest through our sophomore-level curriculum.

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A.S. in Life Sciences

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Hands-on scientific inquiry is one of the most exciting and meaningful ways to learn, and that is particularly true for students who learn differently. The principles of scientific investigation form the foundation of the Life Sciences program—and, as with all our other academic programs, the Life Sciences program is integrated with the College’s proven program to develop effective learning strategies and assistive technology skills.

Associate of Science degree in Life Sciences graduates will be able to:

1. Acquire essential knowledge in the life sciences.
2. Conduct and analyze research based on principles of scientific inquiry.
3. Apply scientific knowledge to analyze real-world problems and issues.
4. Develop useful skills for working within a life sciences field.
5. Communicate scientific content clearly and effectively.

Choose Your Focus: Health Science or Environmental Science

Landmark College Life Sciences majors choose from one of two strands, health science or environmental science, so they can begin to focus on a career while gaining a solid foundation in the sciences.

Learm more about the A.S. in Life Sciences and meet the faculty:

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Academic Concentrations

Students pursing an Associate Degree may elect to pursue an optional Academic Concentration at Landmark College in one of the following fields:

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