Assistive Technology

Landmark College students discover multiple ways to integrate assistive technology into their academic work.

 Students use Text-to-Speech (such as Kurzweil 3000) to:

  • Improve decoding and fluency
  • Hear text spoken aloud
  • Read back their own typing, predict words, and spell check as they are typing
  • Strengthen their Active Reading using the Study Skills Toolbar

Students use Concept/Mind-mapping (such as Inspiration) to:

  • Generate and develop ideas for the writing process
  • Organize thinking
  • Create outlines
  • Test their memory
  • Increase independence

Students use Speech-to-Text (such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred) to:

  • Free up cognitive working space
  • Eliminate handwriting & spelling problems
  • Brainstorm and turn oral language into text
  • Produce large amounts of writing
  • Spell check documents they created in a different application
  • Increase independence

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