Coaching Services Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Coaching Questions:

Coaching at Landmark College

How do students use Coaching Services?

student with papersStudents come to Coaching Services for support with:

  • Planning and prioritizing
  • Organizing
  • Remembering to do intended tasks
  • Getting started
  • Sustaining motivation
  • Self-management
  • Managing multiple tasks
  • Following through


Who uses Coaching Services?

Most of the students who decide to come to Coaching Services have a diagnosis of ADHD—but that diagnosis isn't required. We work with any student who experiences difficulty with executive functioning and is motivated to achieve academic success.

How does Coaching Work?

Through one-on-one meetings, you work with trained faculty coaches to establish academic goals. They help to develop the strategies, utilize the skills and establish and maintain the systems, structures and routines that can support you in meeting those goals.

Coaching at Landmark College is student-driven, based on your personal definition of success. Our coaches serve primarily as facilitators—asking questions that allow you to draw upon your own self-understanding and resourcefulness to create systems that will work for you, as individuals.

Depending upon your individual needs, our coaches also may provide education about executive function and ADHD, teach skills, suggest strategies and hold students accountable for following through on plans.

Who are the Coaching Staff, and what are their qualifications?

Learn more at Meet the Coaching Staff.

One-on-One Coaching

What is One-on-One Coaching?

One-on-One Coaching provides individual coaching support for students who are ready to work in a focused way on developing their executive-function and problem solving skills in an academic setting.

Coaches work with students to help them gain greater control over their academic performance as students develop an understanding of how they work.

Through a process of experimentation and practice, students develop skills and strategies that enable them to become increasingly independent and effective in creating satisfying lives at college.

Who can use One-on-One Coaching?

Any student who is ready to commit time and energy to setting goals and engaging in a process of change may request One-on-One Coaching. Occasionally, due to high demand for One-on-One Coaching, students experience a delay in receiving their first appointment. At those times, students are notified of the delay and are encouraged to use Do-It-Now Coaching.

How do students request One-on-One Coaching?

There are several options for enrolled Landmark students to request One-on-One Coaching:

  • Fill out a paper request form located outside Edward Durell Stone Hall, Room 016C
  • Send an email to and request an appointment
  • Log into your student account and complete the One-on-One Coaching request online form