Dr. Temple Grandin: Different Kinds of Minds

The Landmark College Academic Speaker Series enhances and promotes the College’s intellectual environment and facilitates discussion of important issues for the community.

Different Kinds of Minds

Dr. Temple Grandin visited Landmark College on September 4, 2014. She spent the day meeting with students, faculty, and staff, then gave an evening talk at the Greenhoe Theater. In her presentation, Grandin discussed the diverse ways that people think. Grandin is a cultural icon for neurodiversity, best known for her work in animal science and autism advocacy. 


A present-day accomplished scientist, Grandin was diagnosed with autism in 1949 at the age of two, before autism was a household term. Growing up at a time when schools understood little about autism, Grandin benefited from a family who supported her education. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s and doctoral degrees in animal science. In addition to working in animal science, Grandin advocates for society to cultivate the strengths of “differently-abled” minds.

In 2010 Grandin was named a hero in the Time 100 for her influence in modern life, and her story was featured in the critically-acclaimed 2010 HBO film Temple Grandin, starring Claire Danes. In her roles as a professor, author, and scientist specializing in the humane treatment of animals, Grandin has earned over 70 professional honors since 1984. Awards range from the 1995 Industry Advancement Award of the American Meat Institute to the 2007 Autism Society of America’s Founder’s Award. A pioneering thinker and prolific writer, Grandin holds honorary doctorates from research universities including Duke, Carnegie Mellon, and McGill. 

Grandin's visit is co-sponsored by McDonald's Corporation, with special thanks to Todd Bacon, U.S. vice president, quality systems.


Lisa Lawrence
Event Manager