Frequently Asked Questions

What can you expect in a language class?

  • Multi-modal activities
  • A relaxed, supportive classroom environment
  • A variety of memory aids such as color, music and mnemonics
  • A language lab offering enriched practice activities during and after class
  • Technological tools
    • Online Flashcards
    • Vocabulary Games
    • CD-ROMs
    • Videos
    • Online Dialogues
    • Verb-Practice Opportunities

Perhaps the most important "tool" is the understanding of your instructors and classmates of the learning challenges you are likely to encounter. Many students who struggled to learn a language in high school comment that they didn’t have trouble at Landmark simply because of the way the curriculum and classes are structured, and because of the support available.

Why learn another language?

There are many, many reasons to study another language. Here are just a few...

  • To meet new people and develop social and professional relationships
  • To fulfill a college language requirement
  • To be better prepared for the workforce and present a better resume to prospective employers
  • To learn about other cultures and better understand your own
  • To understand how culture impacts language and vice-versa
  • To travel with increased confidence and ease in non-English-speaking countries


Janie Duncan
Chair, World Languages Dept