Meet Solvegi Shmulsky

solvegi shumlsky


  • M. Ed. Human Development, University of Massachusetts

Professional Presentations & Publications

  • Published in the following journals:
    • College Teaching
    • The Journal of Attention Disorders

Roles at Landmark

  • Professor of Psychology

Academic Interests

  • Teaching
  • Psychology
  • Positive Psychology
  • Human Development
  • Research on the relationship between thinking and feeling (how explanatory style is associated with well-being)
  • Cognitive and Psychosocial Development
  • Identity Development for Persons with LD and ADHD
  • Models of ADHD
  • Manifestations of ADHD in Adulthood

Other Interests

  • Spending time with my children
  • Cooking without recipes
  • Watching Baseball

Contact Information

Solvegi Shmulsky
Administrative Bldg. Room 219