Course Descriptions

Sport skills courses scheduled for Fall 2016

PE1140 - Beginner Baseball Skills

PE1120 – Beginner Volleyball Skills

PE1470 – Intro to Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise

This course will familiarize students with the basic principles, movement concepts, etiquette and social skills required for participation in most mainstream sport and exercise opportunities. Designed for students who have limited sport or exercise experience, this course will begin with an overview of manipulative, nonmanipulative and locomotor movement skill themes that are employed in a broad range of movement activities. Following the skill theme overview, students will be introduced to a survey of popular sports and lifetime fitness activities, including basketball, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, frisbee, hiking and exercising in a fitness room.


Equestrian courses scheduled for Fall 2016:

PE1310 - Beginning Horse Lessons

PE1320 - Intermediate Horse Lessons


Martial arts courses scheduled for Fall 2016:

PE1180 - Level I Rapier Fencing

PE1530 - Level II Rapier Fencing

PE1540 - Japanese Long Sword I

PE1550 - Japanese Long Sword II


Yoga/mind-body courses scheduled for Fall 2016:

PE1590 - Gentle Flow Yoga


Fitness courses scheduled for Fall 2016:

PE1201 - Plyometrics and Conditioning


Outdoor Adventure courses scheduled for Fall 2016:

 PE1080 - Intro to Rock Climbing


Exercise science courses scheduled for Fall 2016:

PE2017 - Sports First Aid
This course will introduce students to the treatment and prevention of athletic injuries. Students will learn basic anatomy, exercise physiology, sport nutrition and the first aid skills to care for and prevent more than 100 sport-related injuries and illnesses. Course content will be delivered in the form of lectures, readings, videos and skill-based labs. Case studies will reinforce first aid skills as well as anatomy and physiology.

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Todd Miller, MS, PT, ATC
Assistant Professor, Physical Education
012 East Academic Building