Meet Tom Hinckley

tom hinckley


  • M.S.T. Biology Education, Antioch/New England
  • B.S. Biology and Environmental Studies, St. Lawrence University

Academic Areas

  •     General Biology
  •     Evolution
  •     Geology
  •     Aquatic Ecology

Tom Hinckley is an Assistant Professor of the Natural Sciences. He teaches Biology, Geology, Evolution, and Aquatic Ecology. With an M.S.T. in Biology and Environmental Studies, his interests center strongly on global concerns relating to the environment. Teaching has been his passion since his undergraduate days, when he taught his very first college class. After earning a B.S. in Biology and Environmental Studies, he lived and worked in Nepal teaching math and science in a rural school with the Peace Corp. In Nepal he learned to teach under unusual circumstances and gained an international outlook on life. Having taught in another language to students under remarkably challenging conditions, Professor Hinckley was well suited to begin working at Landmark College where strong teaching skills are valued. The belief that everyone deserves a chance to be educated and that a teacher needs to be both skilled and flexible has fueled his progress as an educator. Twenty-five years at Landmark College is a testament to his dedication to that belief. “Teaching and learning is a lot like having a tool belt. If students want to be successful in academic endeavors, they need to have a belt full of diverse and useful tools. It is the teacher’s task to help them learn how to become adept at using as many of them as possible.”