Meet Kim Coleman

kim coleman


  •     Ph.D. Human Physiology, Dartmouth College
  •     M.S. Human Physiology, Dartmouth College
  •     B.S. Biology, Rochester Institute of Technology

Academic Areas

  •   General Biology
  •   Human Anatomy and Physiology
  •   Nutrition and Health
  •   Biological Psychology

Bio: I was the child forever asking, “Why?” Growing up with a non-verbal learning disorder meant that often I had to learn “the hard way.”  The other students always seemed to know what was going on, while I struggled to make sense of the interactions around me. I have learned to navigate and succeed in the realm of human communication, and one of my greatest joys in teaching comes from helping other students who have struggled to learn “the hard way” master their strengths and apply them to learning. Everyone should have the joy of asking and discovering, “Why?”