Meet Richard Joyce

richard joyce


  • M.Sc. Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
  • B.S. Computer Science/Mathematics, Florida State University

Teaching Experience

  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Montana Tech (University of Montana)
  • Lecturer at James Cook University, Queensland, Australia


Professional Experience

  • CEO and co-founder of Information + Graphics Systems, Inc. (IGS)/OLABS
  • Distinguished member of Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories
  • Technical staff at General Electric


Professional Presentations & Publications

(with  Gopal Gupta) “Identity Authentication Based on Keystroke Latencies“, Communications of the ACM, Vol 33, #2, Feb 1990

(with Gopal Gupta) “A Study of Some Global Features in On-Line Handwritten Signature Verification". International Journal of Automated Identification Technology.   (IJAIT), Vol. 1, No. 2,  2009.

(with Yuh-Tay Liow) “PENGUIN-a Programmable, Extensible, Network Graphical UserINterface”, Industrial Electronics, Control, and Instrumentation, 1993. Proceedings of the IECON apos;93., International Conference on,15-19 Nov 1993 Page(s):109 - 114 vol.1

(with Timothy Lindquist) “Ada Task Synchronization in a Multiprocessor System with Shared Memory“, Journal of Pascal, Ada, and Modula-2, Vol. 4, March/April 1985.

(with Gopal Gupta) Using Position Extrema Points to Capture Shape in On-line Handwritten
Signature Verification, Pattern Recognition, Vol. 40 pp 2811-2817, 2007

(with Richard Emmet) “VAX Based tools for GE Programmable Controllers“, General Electric Trade Publication, 1983

(with Gopal Gupta) “A Study of Shape in Dynamic Handwritten Signature Verification.” Technical Report, Computer Science Dept, James Cook University of North Queensland. (1997)

(with Gopal Gupta) “A Simple Approach to Dynamic Handwritten Signature Verification.” Technical report, James Cook Univ. of North Queensland (1995)

(with Gopal Gupta) A New Technique of Capturing Shape in Online Handwritten Signature
Verification, Proc of CSI2001, Kolkata, November 2001, pp C-41 - C-48.