Frequently Asked Questions

How are Humanities courses sequenced?

Introductory credit courses are numbered in the 1000s. 2000-level courses look at individual topics in greater depth, and each level beyond contains considerably more reading and research writing. In addition, pre-credit courses are also four digits and carry the prefix 09.

Will I have to take a 1000-level course in order to take a higher level course?

Yes, it is important for students to gain a survey knowledge of a broad topic in order to be prepared for more finite topics later on.

Does the Humanities Department accept transfer credits?

Yes, we do, pending approval by the college Registrar.

If I need extra help, are the Humanities faculty accessible?

Yes, all Humanities faculty members have regularly scheduled office hours and are also available to meet with students at other times if there are scheduling conflicts.  In addition, there is the DCAS with staff ready to work with individual students on assignments and address general questions.

Is there a major in Humanities?

There is not a major at the present time, but students may graduate with an A.A. degree with a concentration in Humanities.