Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a First-Year Studies course required of all students?

The material covered in First-Year Studies courses helps to establish the learning mindset and fundamental skills required of a college student. Study strategies are introduced, reinforced and assessed.

Will my First-Year Studies course transfer when I go to another college?

Whether courses transfer to another college is dependent on the institution. The First-Year Studies courses at Landmark would transfer as an elective.

What do students say about the course?

  • “Really does help you with executive functioning, self-advocacy, etc...”
  • “Getting help to have my feet planted in the ground for next semester….”
  • “This class gave me an understanding of how I work best. It is because of this class that I will succeed in the future because I know how and why I process and use information.”
  • “This course made clear many things that can help me, such as giving me a better understanding of disabilities and the knowledge that I can change myself for the better.”