Meet Ned Olmsted

ned olmsted


  •  M.A.T. English, Lehigh University
  •  B.A. English, Eisenhower College

Professional Publications

  • "A Letter to my Daughter: From the Bayley-Hazen Road, Greensboro, VT" Wildbranch: An Anthology of Nature, Environment, and Place-based Writing, University of Utah Press (2010).

Roles at Landmark

  • Assistant Professor of English
  • Faculty Senator

Academic Interests

  • Environmental Literature/Nature Writing with a focus on the natural world and its influence on the written expression of students with ADHD
  • "Maps and a Sense of Wonder in a Digitally Networked World" (2011 Sabbatical Research Topic)

Professional Organizations

  • Association for the Study of the Environment and Literature
  • The Orion Society