Meet Mac Gander

mac gander

  • Ed.D. Fielding Graduate University
  • M.A. Creative Writing, Boston University
  • A.B. English and American Literature and Language, Harvard College

Professional Presentations & Publications

  • “Teaching Students in the Age of Autism,” Southeastern Education Network Journal (2011).
  • “Failure to Launch,” Newsday op-ed piece on executive functions and first-year failure (2010).
  • The New City: Poems in the Form of a Fugue, 21st Edition (New York - 2008).
  • "Teaching Writing to Students with Learning Disabilities: A Landmark College Guide for  Teachers,"co-author, Landmark College (Putney, VT - 1999).
  • "Teaching Developmental Writing: A Process-Based Approach," co-author, Teaching Diverse Student Learners, National Association of Developmental Education monograph (1998).
  • Invited Presenter, Two-day workshop on LD and effective educational practices, Colorado Mountain College (2010).
  • Invited Presenter, Three-day workshop for educators on LD theory and effective educational practices, Prince Salman Center for Disabilities Research (Riyadh - 2010).
  • Invited Presenter, Conducted six sessions on various dimensions of learning differences and instruction, KIPP Schools Summit (2009).
  • "Executive Functions and the First-Year Transition," co-presenter, National Conference of the First-Year Experience Initiative, pre-conference workshop (2009).
  • "Understanding and Addressing Learning Disabilities in the Mainstream Classroom," and on "Effective Approaches for Teaching Writing," invited presenter, KIPP Foundation Special Education Retreat (2009).
  • "Executive Function and the First-Year Transition," International Conference on the First-Year Experience (2008).
  • "Addressing the Challenges of the Transition to College for the Disabled," co-presenter, Three-day workshop sponsored by the Prince Salman Center for Disability Research and Prince Sultan University (2008).
  • "Meds, Parents, and AD/HD: What Service Providers Need to Know," National Conference on the First-Year Experience (2008).
  • Invited Speaker, Dutchess Community College (2007).
  • "LD, AD/HD and the First-Year Transition," International Conference on the First Year Experience (2004).



Professional Background



  • Newsweek International: Reporter/Writer (1983-1985).



Roles at Landmark



  • Professor of English and Journalism
  • Senior Associate, Landmark College Institute for Research and Training
  • Faculty Advisor, The Independent
  • Participant in Academic Programs Strategic Planning Committee
  • Keynote speaker for Landmark College Open Houses and Professional Visit Days



Academic Interests



  • Journalism and Culture
  • Creative Non-fiction and Literary Journalism
  • Modern and Contemporary Poetry
  • Versification
  • ADHD and Writing
  • The Social Construction of Neurodevelopmental Variations that Affect Learning
  • Learning Differences and the First-Year Transition
  • The History of the LD Concept



Other Interests



  • Cultural History of Manhattan in the 1970s
  • New York Mets, Giants and Knicks
  • Nordic Skiing
  • Fly Fishing