Meet Daniel Toomey

dan toomey


  • M.A. English, Middlebury College
  • B.A. English, Marlboro College

Professional Presentations & Publications

  • “Rethinking and Remixing Academic Writing: Using Multimodality, Scaffolded Instruction, and Universal Design to Teach a Research Process to Diverse Learners,”
  • Conference on College Composition and Communication, chair (Louisville, KY - 2010).
  • “Robert Frost and Marlboro College,” a talk sponsored by the Vermont Reads Program, the Marlboro Historical Society, and the Vermont Council on the Humanities (Marlboro, VT - 2008).
  • “Arthur Whittemore and the Meaning of Responsibility,” Potash Hill (2007).
  • “Grappling Intelligently with the Unfamiliar,” Potash Hill (2006).
  • “Learning Disabilities, AD/HD and the Research Process,” co-author, Promoting Academic Success for Students with Learning Disabilities (2006).
  • “Believing In It: Robert Frost and the Creation of Marlboro College,” Potash Hill (2005).
  • “What I’ve Always Dreamed a College Ought to Be: Walter Hendricks and Biarritz American University,” Potash Hill (2005).
  • A Short History of Landmark College, co-author (2005, updated 2010).
  • “The Road Less Traveled By: Robert Frost and the Inspiration for Marlboro College,” Potash Hill (2003).
  • “Grace” (this essay appeared also in a book published in Japan titled Learning from the Filipinos XIV, commemorating the life work of peace activist Tsuyoshi Amemiya) (2002).
  • “A Little about History,” Potash Hill (2002).
  • “Gestures Against the Grain," Potash Hill (2001).

Roles at Landmark



  • Associate Professor of English

Academic Interests



  • Composition
  • Research Skills
  • 19th and 20th Century American Literature
  • Nature Writing and Environmental Literature
  • Irish Literature
  • Literature of Religious Pilgrimage