Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sequence of English courses?

Credit-level classes begin with EN1011 Composition and Rhetoric. This course and EN1021 Research and Analysis are required for all of Landmark College's degree programs. The department also offers EN1061 Introduction to Creative Writing, which is a prerequisite for our advanced creative writing courses in poetry and fiction.

Why do I have to take EN1011 Composition and Rhetoric, when I already took it at another college?

We believe that a strong foundation in composition, and an understanding of how one's learning profile impacts all aspects of the writing process, prepares students for success in upper-level college courses; this course  also emphasizes practice with critical reading skills, while offering strategies for success that may not be emphasized at other schools. 

How much reading will I have to do in my English class?

There is a gradual increase in the volume of reading. While in partial-credit classes you can expect about 10-20 pages of reading a week, in upper-level literature courses you can expect at least 50 pages a week.

Will I have to write a research paper?

EN1021 Research and Analysis is the second-semester credit-level English class. Information literacy skills and the production of a research paper are large components of the course's curriculum. The course is designed to take students through the research paper process step-by-step. Faculty, librarians, and support centers are all available for helping students through this process. 

What is the Creative Writing Concentration?

This concentration is a sequence of creative writing and literature courses designed for students interested in focusing on creative writing. Commitment to the concentration includes fifteen credits of coursework in specified courses, and the student must earn a "C" or better in these classes to stay in the concentration. This option has been developed in response to a growing interest among students in our creative writing courses. 

What does it mean that Landmark emphasizes the writing process? 

Landmark College English classes teach and encourage a multi-stepped, individualized writing process. Strategies for generating, organizing, revising, and editing are all taught explicitly. We offer a range of strategies to help students with written-production issues.   

Where can I go for extra help with writing assignments?

The Drake Center for Academic Support provides one-on-one writing support. Faculty are also available during weekly office hours.  

Does the English Department recognize student achievement?

Yes, the English Department has two annual awards for students: 

Excellence in English award:  This student seeks out English classes; participates fully in reading discussions, interpretations, and arguments; and writes with panache, fluency, and a clearly articulated voice.

Achievement in English award: This student comes to class prepared, works on and improves his or her writing and reading through peer or instructor input and frequent revision, turns in work in a timely manner, and demonstrates a growing understanding of his or her process and responsibilities as a student of English.


John Kipp
Chair, English Department