The English Department faculty offers you an opportunity to explore the richness and creativity of the English language. Landmark College offers courses in the fields of composition, creative writing, and literature that make up the English curriculum. We deliver a diverse spectrum of skills-development opportunities and a discipline-rich course of study, while engaging your hearts and minds with challenging and thought-provoking reading.

Our philosophy of writing is that it is a respectful art: collaborative, supportive, and compelling. Through our philosophy, we strive to create a community of writers that acknowledges that writing is hard work, requires ongoing revision, and honors the voice of every writer. We also recognize that beginning writers are working to develop an expressive, honest voice; college writers are attempting to combine expressive voice with critical thinking that connects the individual to larger ideas; and advanced writers are crafting larger ideas and reaching toward mastery of form and flexibility of voice.

Our philosophy of reading is that it is essential for understanding the patterns and sounds of written tone, voice, and audience. Through the process of reading and understanding reading, students build both knowledge and language skills. Understanding creative works engages students in the aesthetic value of language and ideas while introducing them to voices they might not otherwise hear. Ultimately, reading, whether it is literature endorsed by the academy or creative nonfiction, helps students participate in the community of writers.


John Kipp
Chair, English Department