Meet Lee Crocker

lee crocker


  • M.S. Special Education and Reading, Sage Graduate School
  • Wilson Instruction Certification

Teaching Experience

  • Courses taught at Landmark College
    • CO0111: Language and Communication 
    • CO1011: Introduction to Communication 
    • Wilson Language Instruction

Teaching Philosophy: "Because language is such a powerful shaper of identity and perceptions, it’s vital that teachers carefully use it to open, rather than close, the doors of possibility for our…students." By Paula Denton (a Responsive Classroom teacher) from: The Power of our Words: Teacher Language that Helps Children Learn (2007).

My teaching philosophy is influenced by the Responsive Classroom Approach, in which the dignity and the self-esteem of each student is as important as the skills and concepts being taught. I hold the belief that my students are capable and have the potential to achieve their goals.  My philosophy is to provide a solid platform for my students to work from, so that they can build their skills and confidence and become successful students.  

Students often arrive at Landmark College disengaged from education and are unsure of their ability to succeed in academia.  Many of our students have shunned the world of books, ideas and learning because academia has left them feeling hurt and inadequate.  My role as teacher is to provide experiences for each student that will encourage them to become intellectually curious and academically able. The atmosphere in my class allows students to heal from their past failures and encourages them to see that learning, reading, writing and speaking is valuable. 

My standards are high. As the teacher, it is my job to know my students, to know what they can and cannot do, so that the course work is challenging, yet within their capabilities.  I must give them opportunities to connect with the curriculum in a way that enhances their learning and helps them to grow as individuals. In my classes, I create a supportive environment where students are enabled to grow emotionally, socially, and academically.