Meet Eric Matte

eric matte


  • M.S. Applied Communication, Fitchburg State University  
  • M.S. Organizational Management, New England College 


Teaching Experience

  • Courses taught at Landmark College
    • CO1071: Introduction to Public Speaking
    • CO2031: Leadership and Small Group Communication
    • CO2067: Radio Production and Programming
    • CO2071: Professional Presentations

Teaching Philosophy: I feel it’s my responsibility to assist students on their journey to become empowered individuals, and to guide them towards a full understanding, both of their self-control and self-advocacy, in order to maximize their potential. I believe in creating a learning environment that is effective for every person every day. This requires recognition that each student is a uniquely dynamic learner and it is my teaching duty to uncover the pathway of success for each. In order to uncover this pathway, I  believe it is important to get to know my students as people, to build their trust and also let them know I, too, am a real person. The establishment of mutual trust in the teacher/student relationship is critical, allowing students to share their own academic processes and be more willing to accept feedback to strengthen areas, in which they experience difficulties.