Meet Jim Koskoris

jim koskoris 


  • M.B.A. General Business, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • B.S. Government, University of Maryland

Teaching Experience

  • Assistant Professor of Accounting, Business and Economics: (2000 - present) Landmark College. Provide instruction in the following classes:  Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Macro- and Microeconomics.

Professional Presentations

  • Robert Morris University Annual Teaching Economics Conferences (Pittsburg, PA).
    • "How do we know they learned what we taught? The challenge of teaching and assessing LD and conventional students.” (23rd Annual Conference - February 2012). 
    • "If students learn differently, do we need to teach differently? Teaching approaches that enhance learning for the LD and general student populations." (21st Annual Conference - February 2010).
    • "Applying Principles of Multiple Literacy to Enhance the Economics Curriculum," co-presented with James Lane. (20th Annual Conference - February 2009).

Professional Background

  • Accounting/Finance 
    • Retail Operations Manager: Prepared budget and sales forecasts, did payroll, supervised bookkeeping and managerial accounting, did inventory and property accounting.
    • Vermont Theatre Company Treasurer: Implemented accounting system using generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
    • Real Estate Manager/Tax Preparer: Prepared complete financial statements from source documents using GAAP.
    • Teacher: taught high school business and math courses.
    • Real Estate Investment Analyst: Performed budgeting and cash flow analyses, considereding tax effects and time value of money.
    • Passed Massachusetts State Competency Examinations for all six levels of accounting, auditing and budgeting.
  • General Management/Supervisory (as manager or supervisor of various retail operations)
    • Screened, interviewed, selected, trained, supervised, and rated sales personnel, cashiers and warehouse employees.
    • Developed or revised and implemented training programs.
    • Performed market research (demand and competition), predicted industry climate and sales trends.
    • Developed and implemented cash controls and operations procedures that increased efficiency, decreased redundancy, improved sales and simplified decision-making.
    • Conducted strategic analyses and created business plans to provide operation guidelines and growth tactics.
    • Rental Real Estate Manager: Wrote contracts, screened and selected tenants, negotiated with Fire Department, Board of Health, and Housing Authority Officials.
  • Human Resources
    • Manager: Wrote job descriptions, developed performance appraisal system.
  • Sales and Marketing (engaged in all aspects of retail sales activity in the following industries: Insurance, Camera/Video, Hi-Fi)
    • Devised new floor displays to maximize appeal and impact.
    • Devised and implemented mail-order and out-of-stock ordering program that increased sales 40 percent.
    • Established and maintained contact with vendors.
    • Assessed client needs and closed sales while keeping top professional and ethical standards.
    • Wrote copy for newsletter/newspaper/radio advertising.
    • Performed market research: Real Estate, Insurance, Consumer Electronics.
  • Production/Technical
    • Pre-Press Technician: Journeyman camera operator, half tones, PMT/STAT camera, four-color stripping, plate making, maintenance.

Academic Areas

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing

Roles at Landmark

  • Assistant Professor
  • Landmark College Business Support Center
    • Provide 5 hours of support/week/semester for all business students:
      • Key concepts review in accounting, business, economics, management principles, marketing, etc.
      • Business study skills guidance: Test preparation, reading comprehension, tactics for starting and completing homework.

Academic Interests

  • Continue to develop instructional methods to increase overall financial literacy for all students.
  • Beginning stages of conducting a project that analyzes the effectiveness of visual/spatial learning aids devised to teach core business concepts to LD students.
    • Involves devising handouts and other projected-on-screen visuals using programs like PowerPoint and Inspiration.
    • Will establish a survey to measure student opinions of devices employed to teach specific business concepts.

 Other Interests

  • International and Domestic Investing
    • Financial and Equity Markets
    • Real Estate
  • International Relations
  • Athletics
  • Art

Bio: In January, 2000, Jim left the business world and came to Landmark College initially to teach reading and study skills, math, and to advise students. He was instrumental in the development of the business track at Landmark and has taught and/or developed curricula for nine different classes in the business program. The combination of his education plus many years in the field gives Jim a unique depth to his teaching.  He has lived overseas for nearly 30 years and brings a multicultural perspective and cultural sensitivity to the classroom and his students. He is passionate about devising hands on instructional methods for teaching business concepts and showing how these concepts can be applied to students’ everyday lives both in the present and the future. He encourages his students to develop personal and professional plans and is proud when former students report back to him about their successful entrepreneurial business pursuits.