Business Studies Concentration

Business Concentration

The Business Concentration is a 15 semester hour (5 courses) program designed to provide students with a basic understanding of business, and allows them the flexibility to take business or economics courses that are of interest. A basic understanding of business is achieved through the coursework accomplished in BU1011: Introduction to Business and BU1111: Accounting I.  These two courses provide an overview of the business environment and the language used to communicate successes or difficulties to the various stakeholders. The remaining three courses, taken at the 2000 level, provide students with the flexibility to explore business and economic concepts of interest to the students. For further information regarding the Business Concentration contact Roxanne B. Hamilton at or 802.387.6791.

Advantage of a Business Concentration

The Business Concentration allows students to explore an interest in business while still providing them with the flexibility to explore other areas of interest. The design of the Business Concentration provides students with an understanding of the business environment and the economy. It lays a foundation for future study in business and provides students with some basic principles and skills, which they can apply in any organizational setting.

Requirements for a Business Concentration

  • BU1011: Introduction to Business. Provides an overview of business, its environment, and the numerous activities (internal & external) associated with starting and operating a business in today’s highly competitive global environment.
  • BU1111: Accounting I. Accounting is the language of business. Students must possess a basic understanding of accounting principles to be successful in their future business endeavors.
  • 1 Business Course:* Students must take one additional 2000 level business course to further develop their understanding of Business. Any course with a BU prefix will satisfy this requirement.
  • 1 Economics Course: Students must take one economics course (EC2111, EC2112, or EC2113) to develop a greater understanding of how economics impacts their world.
  • 1 BU/EC Course:* Students must take an additional 2000 level course, either a BU or EC, based on their individual interest.

* Students pursuing a Business Concentration may take any 2000 level business or economics course with the exception of BU2990: Business Seminar, which is the Capstone Course for students pursuing either an A.A. in Business Administration or an A.A. in Business Studies.