Academic Advising


Landmark College advising takes a student-centered, developmental approach in working with students to become more self-determined and independent. Advisors guide students to problem solve and make decisions regarding educational and personal goals.

  • Advisors serve as guides through the Landmark College program, working with students to coordinate non-academic and academic elements to meet their goals.
  • Advisors oversee a student's entire academic program. Their involvement is not limited to course selection and the add/drop process.
  • Advisors serve as the primary contact person for parents or sponsors who have questions about the program. The student is primarily responsible for contact with parents.
  • Advisors use diagnostic information and performance reports to help students understand their strengths and learning needs.
  • Advisors will help students set short-term and long-range goals and assist students in planning their course of study to ensure they have met appropriate degree requirements and have developed areas of interest.
  • Advisors also play a supportive role in referring students to the Transfer Services Office, Counseling and Health Services, and other academic and campus resources to help students meet their needs.

Families: learn more about Landmark College’s educational approach, processes, and expectations in our publication “A Guide for Landmark College Families:  Shared Expectations and Understanding.”


Patrice Nolan
Interim Co-director of Advising


Lucy Stamp
Interim Co-director of Advising