Sanjukta Ghosh: Of Burqas and Bikinis: Afghan Women and the War on Terror

The Landmark College Academic Speaker Series enhances and promotes the College’s intellectual environment and facilitates discussion of important issues for the community.

Of Burqas and Bikinis: Afghani Women and the War on Terror

March 3, 2014
7:00 p.m. Brooks O’Brien Auditorium, East Academic Building

This slide presentation focuses on how media constructions of Afghani women were used to mobilize war against an already beleaguered nation. Using images from mainstream as well as alternative media such as the feminist press, Castleton State College Professor Sanjukta Ghosh argues that the rhetoric of the media and their neat cultural icons were reminiscent of that used by Victorian feminists. In making this analogy, the presentation brings into focus how Muslim women’s images have been used throughout history to further social and political ends.

Sanjukta Ghosh teaches media and women’s studies at Castleton State College. Since completion of her Ph.D. in 1991, she has written and lectured widely on media constructions of race, gender, and sexuality. Her main areas of interest are media propaganda, gender and race-stereotyping, and political cinema.

This presentation is co-sponsored by Windham World Affairs Council and the Vermont Humanities Council.


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